Everyone has their own guilty pleasures. Some like to sneak in a few scoops of ice cream before bed. some dabble in recreational drug use, and others  like to wear their girlfriends underwear around the house because gender based clothing is a social construct and the nice breeze that flys up your shorts is far more liberating in a g-string then boxer briefs. Dont knock it until you try it! Im getting squirrely in the pants just thinking about that nice gust of wind!

I must digress from cross dressing fantasies, as my personal vices actually steer in the direction of memes. I love the memes. I live for the memes. They are the bane of my existence.

Every morning when I wake up, I check my memes. I scour the deepest depths of the internet to find the spiciest ones, from black twitter, to Reddit, to private Instagram accounts with less than 500 followers, I seek out the best taint tickling memes.

The ones that make you giggle in such a giddy uproar that you almost let a little poo out . And when I seek, I discover greatness. If you are at all familiar with meme culture (which I pray you are) you will undoubtedly realize that each meme typically follows a specific format, and variations of that format soon arise until the meme is beaten to death thanks to overuse by the “normies”.

Although memes are very much in mainstream media nowadays, meme culture and history is not , and because of that I have taken it upon my self to start a new column, called “Behind The Meme”. I will provide both historical insight on where the select meme format/ structure originated, as well as a small anecdote detailing the societal significance of  said meme, and it’s impact on the world. Every meme has a legitimate story behind it, not matter how insensitive, contrived or extravagant. There is always at least one grain of truth in the sands of all poorly photoshopped puns.  The best of which  have societal impact and shed light on some of the most serious issues in the world today (I.E. the newfound revelation that pee IS in fact stored in the balls).

In this weeks inaugural “Behind The Meme” we will dive into the “Is This A Pigeon” Meme.

This meme format is fairly simple, featuring a man who I presume to be the main character in a Japanese hentai porn staring at a butterfly, and asking if it is a bird. Clearly the protagonist in this tasteful work of animated interspecies sex is a little on the duller side, but that is okay because his stupidity allowed for the meme curators of the world to make alterations to the subtitle text and create a cornucopia of Microsoft paint masterpieces.

This meme is not groundbreaking in terms of comedic effect, but it is most definitely chortle worthy, and has some great variations that do indeed lead to higher thinking. Take for instance this alteration, which describes a scenario I for one have frequently experienced when using the internet instead of a licensed medical professional to diagnose my ailments.

So many a time I have felt an unsettling murmur in my stomach, or pain in my lower back, proceeded to google my symptoms and found out I have a terminal illness. I currently have been diagnosed by WebMD with 4 different forms of  cancer, tuberculosis, and AIDS when I thought I just had food poisoning. Thank god for the internet! I can now live my last days as a king and spend the entirety of my $760 life savings on a kiddie pool filled with Dippin Dots where I will swim and live within the Dessert of The Future until I die next month. What a world.

Hopefully, my meme dissection has brought some light into an avenue of entertainment so many of us take part in, but no very little about. Each proceeding week from here on out I will update the column accordingly with the dankest of dank memes. Thank you all for respecting my culture, and make sure to check WebMD to see if you too have cancer!