Holy dick spit I think we have reached the peak of internet music crossovers. For those of you not woke to the Soundcloud scene, the name Lil Tracy will not ring a bell to you, but he is a titan of industry on the cloud. A close friend to the late Lil Peep, Tracy has been pumping out pitch corrected bangers for the last few years, but he may have just created a masterpiece with his latest drop “Like A Farmer”.

Country rap collabs are few an far between, and the only decent ones that come to my mind are Nelly and Tim McGraw’s “Over and Over” and Young Thug’s “Family Don’t Matter” off his experimental Beautiful Thugger Girls album last year. “Like A Farmer” blows these out of the water like a goddamn cruise missile though now that Tracy enlisted Lil Uzi Vert on the remix. Both rappers utilize a deep southern twang that is hilariously fantastic when laced with auto tune and reverb. The sound of these trap rappers singing like scorned farm boys is unlike anything I’d ever think I’d hear. I almost pissed myself when I heard Tracy howl

“I got horses in my car like a farrrrmerrr”

A good piss though, like if I was stranded in Alaska without any shelter or warm clothing and I just doused my trousers to heat my body. Nice and steamy, oh so moist.

I’m very interested to see if any rough southern cowpoke will speak out against the song on account of cultural appropriation. I hope not. I feel like this track has the potential to repair race relations in America. Just think of how culturally impactful a music video of Lil Uzi and Garth Brooks riding side by side in their respective John Deer tractors, sipping codeine out of mason jars with some fat chaws in their mouth. Legendary. It’s gotta happen.