I’ve been saying this since day one of her emergence as a social media “star”, but Lil Tay is the internet equivalent to penile cancer. She fucking sucks. She is not funny, and has no discernable talent other than being capable of reciting braggadocios lines that are clearly pre written for her by whoever is directing her absurd Instagram videos.

Literally every video follows the same script:

*Pan from LA skyline to luxury sports car. Small Asian girl appears with thousands of dollars in cash that cannot possibly belong to her*

Lil Tay: HEY ITS LIL TAY [Insert anti female expletive]! I’M DRIVING IN A [Insert luxury sports car brand] AND I AINT EVEN GOT A LICENSE! THIS CAR COST MORE THAN YOUR MOMMAS RENT.

*Small Asian child begins throwing the 100 dollar bills that are more than likely counterfeit in the air, simulating the act of “making it rain” in the club*

Lil Tay: I’M THE YOUNGEST FLEXER [Insert anti female expletive]! I GOT [Insert astronomical amount of money to be held in cash by a child in the 3rd grade] RIGHT HERE AND I’M ONLY NINE YEARS OLD! YOU HATERS ARE BROKE!

*End Video*

This formula has literally been the same for every Lil Tay video, but I cannot entirely fault her, because it has just come out that she is serving at the mercy of some terrible fame thirsty pimp of a mother who has been finessing everyone in her path to try and make her daughter an internet celebrity.

Via HotNewHipHop

According to Global, a Canadian news outlet, Tian (Lil Tays Mom) resigned from her position as a realtor after it had become clear that she was using her boss’ cars in Tay’s videos. According to David Yang, the managing partner of Pacific Evergreen Realty, Lil Tay’s mother had asked if it was alright for her children to take photos with his Mercedes 500 SL, to which he initially did not see a problem with. When he realized that Tian was filming her daughter in inappropriate Instagram videos, he says that he felt “taken advantage of,” noting that he would never have let Tian use the car had he known the intended purpose.

According to the news outlet, Lil Tay also used her mother’s luxury real estate connections to flex in homes that did not belong to her family. Direction appears to have been given to Lil Tay to act a certain way by her mother, creating an internet persona that may have worked for a few minutes but it is now running its course.

WHAT A SHOCKER. You mean to tell me that this 9 year old isn’t actually a bitcoin millionaire who sold her beanie babies to invest in crypto and fund her now blossoming social media/rap career?? I figured it had to be either that or she must’ve been some kind of a promising young tech genius (not an Asian joke) and thus received copious funding in government grants for nuclear energy experiments that she subsequently used to fund a mumble rap career instead.

No shit this girls mom is the mastermind behind this. I can’t think of any other way this heaping pile of internet garbage could have came to fruition otherwise. Lil Tays mom is the worst kind of child star parent; she’s a child star parent who’s not actually rich or making money off her kid. I gurantee you Mrs. Big Tay is emptying out her savings account every week for her daughter to “flex” in these dumbass videos.

When I was 9 I was a true pioneer of my time. I organized a sit in during lunchtime because my school implemented an unjust system of recess policing that prohibited my classmates and I from going on the playground because Mrs. Cotters class was a bunch of loud mouthed assholes, while ours were polite and quiet. I was out there fighting communism in the elementary school system, while Lil Tay is out here acting like a miniature Rich The Kid. Take notes Tay Tay, start flexing your political prowess, not your moms student loan money.