It happens every summer. As soon as the weather starts getting warmer, The Grizzly Bear of Rap that is Drizzy Drake comes out of hibernation and starts SPAZZING on tracks. It happened in 2016 with Views, last year he got everyone going with a goddamn playlist in More Life, and it looks like he’s about to defecate on the game again. So far in 2018, Drake has sprinkled his sauce on a few tracks with loose features, making a star out of Bloc Boy JB on Look Alive, and dropped a panty soaker in Nice For What.

Typically Drake overshadows anyone he is paired with on a song, but oddly enough that is not the case on his latest endeavor “Yes Indeed” with rising Atlanta Crooner Lil Baby. Drake delivers the first verse adequately, but Baby comes in and loses his marbles. He has a Young Thug esque sound but his quirky punchlines set him apart. I’ve been screaming “WAH WAH WAH BITCH IM THE BABY” all day today walking around lower manhattan and I’ve almost been jumped by homeless sewer dwellers twice but I don’t care.

I’m all the fuck in on Lil Baby and I’m about to go steal my moms credit card and go cop me some $2500 tennis shoes so I can really become one with this song. Congrats Lil Baby, you did the unthinkable and went harder than Drake on his own song.