Tuesday was a sad one for SoundCloud face-tat connesuirs, as it appears the leader of the clout brigade could be gone for a very long time. Thats right, Mr. Blicky With The Stiffy, Tekashi69, will have to fend off Stiffy’s From His Celly if reports that he’s headed to jail are correct.

While 6ix9ine’s rise can somewhat be attributed to his aggresive, metal esque vocal delivery and fiyerrrrrr beat selection, much of his popularity is driven by his social media antics. Whether he’s fabricating stories of $7 million dollar record deals, or berating any artist who speaks poorly of him, Tekashi is probably just as good (if not better) at trolling than making music. Couple that with a sexual misconduct charge back from when her was 18 and you have a rainbow haired internet phenomenon.

The guy is like every suburban white mothers worst nightmare come to life. Seriously though, I played Gummo in front of my mom once and i thought she was going to spontaneously combust on the spot.

Unfortunately for Tekashi, a court appearance yesterday stemming from his past crime might be sending him behind bars for at least some period of time. The rapper warned his fans in an instagram post that he could potentially go away for as long as 3 years. A judge from his old case placed the artist on probation when he was 18, and made it known he would have to pass his GED to avoid jail time. Although he claims to have passed the test, 6ix9ine noted that its up to the judge at this point.

Oddly enough, there was no post court Instagram rant for the rapper, instead all content was deleted from his account. His twitter was also wiped, and the bio was replaced with “Temporarily Run By Management.” and #Free69 leading many to believe Young Sherbert has indeed been apprehended by authorities. Later a video promoting his newest song on his IG further supported the idea that Tekashi is doing some length of time behind bars.

Some are saying this is all a gigantic publicity stunt, but Im not buying it. 6ix9ine (it pains me to keep committing these heinous errors of the english language) lives for social media. Clearly the courts saw this, and saw his wild antics online as some sort of threat to society, and probably banned him from any online activity for a period of time. NBA YoungBoy received a similar punishment to avoid jail time. Honestly, I think no internet is worse for this guy than jail. He might jump off a bridge if he cant troll Trippie Redd or lie about signing to the illuminate for 17 Billion dollars. I definitely dont feel bad for him, but I am gonna miss his ridiculous antics and music. Shit bangs harder than Lexington Steele.