You know it is the NFL off season when headlines center around a missed call from the 2014 postseason. 4 years later the NFL competition committee has ruled that the controversial catch/non catch by Dez Bryant vs the Packers in the Divisional round should have been ruled a catch, and should be called a catch in the future. The common NFL fan already knew this, but take a look at it again for yourself.


It still burns my eyes to watch. Not only were the Cowboys eliminated this day, Tony Romo was cucked from quite possibly his best chance to win a Super Bowl.

Romo went on to break his collarbone twice the next season, then his back the following season, Dak took over and the rest is history. If Tony didn’t make the beautifully smooth transition from the field to the booth it’s quite possible we’d be looking at an obese, mangled version of Romo who drinks away his sorrows at a local Texas Saloon.

Spare me… I won that playoff game…. fucking refs. – White Goodman” – Tony Romo