Anyone who follows music or pop culture was made aware of the tragic overdose of rapper Lil Peep in November of 2017. The news shocked the industry, and prompted many artists to step away from the rampant drug culture imbedded in the Hip Hop community. Rising star Lil Xan event went as far as rebranding his “Xanarchy” collective to an anti-xan movement, and has seen waves of success since doing so.

Before Peeps death, he put in long hours of studio time with a wide range of artists from EDM DJ Marshmello to quirky rappers like ILoveMakonnen. His relationship with Makonnen was a hot topic across social media, as some speculated a romantic relationship as the two dropped emojis and comments like “Daddy” underneath each others pictures. While the legitimacy of the two being romantically involved has never been confirmed, the first of their musical collaborations has been leaked online. Although the sound quality of the drop is not up to studio standard, “Sunlight On Your Skin” still has an electric feel.

Peep has a cadence that is very Gorillaz-esque, and Makonnens classic odd ball style floats on the beat with no effort. Its more than likely that the song will be featured on Lil Peeps posthumous “Come Over When You’re Sober Part 2”, which his producers have been mixing and plan to drop within the next few months.

Regardless if the song will be on the project or not, the leak is here and is a chilling look at what could’ve been.