Now that football season is unfortunately in the rear view mirror it is time to take a look at the baseball landscape. In this case specifically free agency.

With about 2 weeks until the start of spring training there still remains All Star caliber talent on the market such as J.D. Martinez, Eric Hosmer, and Jake Arietta. With the tank now movement that seems to be taking over the game, many organizations are content with saving their money and not competing in hopes of a turnaround through the farm system like the Cubs and Astros have done recently. 

This leaves a bunch of top quality talent left unsigned due to their age and price tag. To put it into perspective I am going to give you a created opening day lineup using just the remaining free agents:

SS: Brandon Philllips

CF: Carlos Gomez

1B: Eric Hosmer

RF: J.D. Martinez

C: Jonathan Lucroy

3B: Mike Moustakas

2B: Neil Walker

LF: Jon Jay

SP: Jake Arietta 

I bet half the teams in the league would take that opening day lineup over their current one. Each and every single guy in that lineup deserves to be on a roster, at least invited to spring training.

So here is what we are going to do: Jetski and I are going for it. We’re going to Co-Manage this band of misfits. (Yes ladies, we will wear tight baseball pants) Starting tomorrow these men are now a part of the 31st MLB Franchise, the Death Valley Undertakers.

With Jetski and I at the helm, centered around a team philosophy built on analytics, sweat, and mango juul pods the sky is the limit. 

So jump on the bandwagon now, or don’t. Regardless, we will see you in October at the fall classic.