Joel Embiid is a national treasure and we must protect him at all costs. From being a walking bucket on the court, to his social media entertainment in his free time, Embiid is one of the most polarizing athletes in the game today.

His career up to this season was injury riddled and some may have assumed that he would never prosper into the fully healthy human being that he is today. Averaging 24 and 11 as part of a tag team duo with fellow star Ben Simmons, they’re on their way to taking over the league.

But for now we aren’t going to talk about his game on the court. More so his game off the court.

When Embiid was drafted by the Sixers 3rd overall in 2014 he went out of his way to ask out a fairly popular celebrity. She told him to “make the All-Star team first then come talk to me.”

Fast forward to present day and Embiid has secured his first All-Star spot, as a starter nonetheless. He had a few choice words for his former celebrity crush.

Big baller move here by Embiid. I’m not sure he is even aware of what he just did here but I respect him sticking to the code. If she didn’t want you then she doesn’t deserve you now!!

“Did he just turn down Ri Ri down on national TV?? WHAT!?” are the words spoken in disbelief by the announcer in the background. I think it’s Reggie Miller, not positive but you can tell in his voice that he would’ve handled things a little differently if he was in Embiid’s situation. It is safe to say that Reggie Miller is definitely down with the thicccness.

For all we know Joel smashed her out on site after the game. Or she heard his comments and decided to throw it back on Ben Simmons just to make sure he knows he’s missing out on that planet of an ass. If it happens to be the latter, then that is quite a Cliff Paul esque assist by Embiid. (Cliff Paul>Chris Paul)

Regardless, someone on the Sixers is dicking down Rihanna in the near future to the tune of her classic “Rude Boy” playing in the background.