Yes you read that right. Cole Beasley of the Dallas Cowboys has released a rap single. Just when I thought I had seen it all with this Cowboys team, our 5’6 slot receiver who looks like he could star in season 3 of ‘True Detective’ drops bars.

If you don’t believe me check it out for yourself.


No chorus, no cursing, just straight heat from the man Bease. I always knew Beasley was a savage. To be his size and risk your life running over the middle in the NFL you have to be a certain type of crazy. But never did I expect him to be on the cusp of releasing a rap album.

Lets dissect some of these lyrics to see what the bease is all about..

(0:32-0:49) “Talkin money then you lost me, I’m saving all of it for my offspring. Cant snatch a necklace up off me, cause I don’t have one spent that on college funds for both my sons”

Gotta love a man who has his priorities in check. Spending his hard earned cash on his boys’ college funds. Take notes from this Michael Crabtree, Talib would’ve never snatched your chain if you had a mindset like this.

(1:20-1:28) “I’m bossed out, but Sunday’s Jerry’s boss now when I ball out I’m a dog with Dak get the ball out, pull the sauce out, pour the sauce on em thats too much”

“The Sauce”

If you didn’t already know that Beasley is the man, now you know.

But if you still don’t know you’ll know soon enough when he’s featured on Culture 2 with migos.


Oh yeah he throws the fuck down too. I’ve given you guys enough evidence.

Cole Beasley 2020. MY president