As the NFL season winds down and we inch closer and closer to the playoffs there have been plenty of headlines and controversies around the league to distract us from the fact that man-child Ezekiel Elliott has been serving his 6 game suspension handed down from Commander Goodell.

From catch rules, CTE level hits,  and even the new and hip fumbling into the end zone for a touchback trend there has been plenty going on to keep our minds away from the cuck job Goodell served Cowboys fans and Zeke fantasy owners earlier this season.

That all ends this week as Zeke returns this week vs the Seahawks just in time to help the Cowboys potentially salvage a playoff spot.

Beware NFL the freak is back.

Over his 6 weeks away from the team Zeke spent his time in Cabo training to become even more of a physical specimen. As evidence to the photos that have been released of him training on the fine beaches of Mexico, it is safe to say he accomplished that goal.

zeke freak
Look at this man child! Chiseled like a Greek God and ready for some action.

There is reportedly a documentary in the works detailing his workout routine in Cabo and how he spent his time away from the team. Normally if you heard of a video of Zeke in Cabo you’d think titties, molly, and a whole mess of bad decisions. But not this time, Roger. They’re about to make this man look like Rocky!

Six weeks of elite training for already one of the best backs in the league spells doom for any defender that plans to get in his way.

He is not lacking any confidence in his return either. He has been in contact with Erik Dickerson and has made a bet with the Hall of Famer that he will rush for over 200 yards in his first game back.