Here we are in the world of the infamous Ball family. Another day, another fiasco. The latest development in the Ball family saga involves the two smallest (youngest) Balls Liangelo and Lamelo. They have reportedly signed a 1 year deal to play together professionally in Lithuania for Prienu Vytautus.

Not exactly under the bright lights of UCLA…

This comes just a couple weeks after Lavar pulled his son Liangelo out of UCLA after being suspended indefinitely for his shoplifting incident in China. Gelo and two other teammates were caught on camera stealing items from a bevy of high end stores by their team hotel, resulting in them being held in a Chinese jail for over a day.

I wish they kept Gelo in jail. I would have liked to have seen a hardened Gelo after his few weeks in prison hop on a track with Lonzo and call it 22 nights similar to Futures 56 nights. We already know Lonzo has bars, I guess we now will never know if Gelo has that HEAT too.

As for the move to Lithuania, the Ball brothers will be playing in the Baltic league…


Their home arena seats a LIGHT 1,700 and tickets cost 5 euros/ 133.57 Yen or 75.94 Indian Rupees.

Not to mention the coaching staff doesn’t speak a lick of English. I can see it now, Lamelo chucking up heinous half court shots as the Lithuanian coach screams expletives at him in his native tongue. Perhaps Lavar will purchase them some Lithuanian Rosetta Stone to help them get accustomed to the culture. It is the least he can do for pulling Melo out of high school as a junior.

Imagine going from high school in LA to shitty basketball in Lithuania? Life hits you fast.

This is a huge hit to Big Baller Brand **Big Baltic Brand** We shall see what Lavar can do to spin this one in their favor.