It’s finally here, the very first Zorb Tour Snap Story of The Weekend. We had some pretty awesome submissions, but I had to tip my hat to Zorb Tour’s very own Handy Andy. The kid went full savage mode on a Sunday (shoutout Jesus). A diehard Philly sports guy, Andy went gung ho and thrusted himself into hostile territory, talking shit and biting into beer cans outside MetLife stadium for a poppin tailgate. He then proceeded to make every single person in his section (All Giants fans) hate him thanks to his passion for The Birds, and Budlight. Even 12 year old kids were cutting ass on him, as our boy Matt nicknamed this weeks hero “Eyebrows” (well deserved though, that kid looks like he’s housing a caterpillar farm above his eyes).


All tweezing jokes aside, Andy went above and beyond and really set the tone for what were looking for in the #SSOTW. He came, he saw, and he went full fucking Zorb. Check the link below to view his crazy ass day and lets see who can top his story next week in Vol. 2 of the Zorb Tour Snap Story Of The Weekend