In the first installment of the Zorb Tour Vlog series, the squad rolls through NYC’s Cielo Nightclub for a night of Deep House courtesy of DJ Jonas Blue. The club was pretty lit once we arrived, with the DJ blasting deep remixes of hits like The Chainsmokers “Closer”. Designating myself the almost sober friend , I bounced around with an $8 Corona  (Bruh) in my hand most of the night, but it was still a dope time. The crowd was pretty young and everyone seemed to A) Have more money than me and B) Love to groove out like 1975 in a Miami disco club. I was channeling my inner MJ with some pelvic thrusts but our boy Tommy crushed it shuffling like an iPod in 08′. We cleared out around 3, but being such a people person I continued my night until the wee hours. Got home just in time for Good Morning America :). All in all a dope night though. #StaySpun


-Wayne Jetski

Song: Dan Bilzerian by T-Pain Ft. Lil Yachty